Enterprise Resource Planning

Technology Software offers its clients access to the most highly skilled consultants both in United States and in Europe. We provide project management expertise, technical and functional consulting services in SAP R/3 and Post ERP field. To service our clients in the best possible way, we select our consultants prudently. In-house-experienced ERP recruiters technically and personally interview selected consultants to make sure they match client’s expectations. We therefore have an excellent reputation among our clients and industry consultants for impeccable quality and honesty.

The SAP’s Internet technology is comprised of a full-featured Internet enabling server that works in concert with a powerful development and maintenance environment. Together they create a single, unified system that provides the fastest, smartest and most-effective way to bring SAP R/3 business processes into the Internet and address the key aspects of e-business – performance, accessibility, security, manageability, and scalability. It enables businesses to cost-effectively engage and interact with partners, customers, and employees online for all business-to-business, business-to-consumer and self-service applications.

The Internet, and more specifically the Web, offers a unique way of extending R/3 transactions and customizing the interface to R/3′s comprehensive business logic to meet the needs of diverse user constituencies. As of SAP R/3 4.5A, SAP provides more than 85 Internet Application Components (IACs) which are ready-to-use Internet-enabled business scenarios, for example, KANBAN, or consignment stock status.

Besides, SAP’s e-commerce business scenarios offers an open and fully-cycle business process, for example, SAP Business-to-Business Procurement, SAP Employee Self-Service and SAP Online Store leverages SAP’s Internet technology. SAP’s Internet technology provides a comprehensive set of features which enables you to extend your businesses into the Internet easily.

Our SAP R/3 system integration practice focuses on Small and Midsize corporations. We provide cost effective, on time, on budget solutions to Fortune 1000 Companies.